"A book library but for tools!"                     

E. Warren Tool Library (EWTL) is in the heart of Detroit's MorningSide Neighborhood (D4) located at 15631 E. Warren. Our efforts are geared towards empowering communities in Detroit by enhancing access to essential tools for beautification and revitalization projects through an innovative tool library system. This focus complements our several mobile tool units, aimed at supporting neighborhood associations, block clubs, and other small community organizations in their efforts to improve the visual and environmental quality of their neighborhoods.

What we offer to community groups:

  • Mobile Tool Lending
  • Tool Training
  • Workshops
  • Project Management Support

Tool Library Membership Options:

  • Non-Profits- $350
  • Neighborhood Association & Block Clubs- $250
  • One-Time Project Tool Request- $150

*The non-profit and neighborhood associations prices include drop off and pick up of tools for up to 2 projects per year. Additional $50 for each project after that*

For more information regarding our mobile tool libraries or if you have any questions regarding the tool library in general please email us at e.warrentool@mcgroundscrew.org or on FB @ewarrentool or on IG @e.warrentoollibrary.

If you choose to donate please create an account and pick the donation option as your membership. Your donation will go to providing more tools  for the community!